Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2021 Written Update : Prithvi starts searching in the hall, he can't find Karan, so wonders where he must have gone as he said he needs some fresh air, he only wants the police to see Karan as they see him. Will arrest him so that he can come back to jail. , otherwise if he partners with Preeta then surely will plot against her which he cannot have as it may ruin his plan.

Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2021

 Prithvi sees Karan walking so he hides and tries to call the police but when Karan goes to him he stops questioning Karan if he is fresh because this is what he said, Karan questions if Prithvi realizes that he is ignoring him because he is worthless. Over time, Prithvi objected saying that it is a disrespect and he should not say this, Prithvi replies that He is really bad for Karan, so might even ruin him if he decides, Karan raises his hand and warns Prithvi to be respectfully with Kritika, warning he shouldn't get any complaints otherwise he doesn't know. What will he do with her, Karan gives the only reason to oppose her is because he is married, Kritika would otherwise have set foot in the house and beat her, after Karan leaves, Prithvi thinks he will now return with an extra fee. will go to jail, he wants it to be run on every news channel that prithvi malhotra has sent karan back to jail and protected the country, he He wonders when the police will take him back to jail and throws him in a cell, when he realizes that Karan has lost the battle against him, he thinks after some time how much he talks to himself so watch it. Leaves when Karan is taken away after being arrested by the police.

The constable assures that Karan is not in any room, Karan walks through the front door, the inspector reveals that they were waiting for him, he agrees to accompany them but insists before speaking to Mahesh. Giving that he tells her to pay the hospital bill. Inspector questions why he came back to reveal this little information, Srishti tries to explain but Karan stops and says that the jeep which was carrying him has crashed while the constable is injured. so he took them to the hospital but he had no cash or his mobile had to come back to his home, the inspector accuses him of lying saying that he got information that karan was trying to run away, He mentions that if his family was involved they would have sent him out of the country, the Inspector replies that he received a tip that Srishti was most involved, but Karan refutes these claims, the Inspector mentions that he is famous. Doesn't like celebrities because of their status, but believes that Karan is an honest man because he didn't leave the constables to die and is honest too, Preeta and Karan think about that time. When the two of them had planned that Karan would surrender to the police, she revealed that she had no clue about him. Thought like that.

The Inspector mentions that he was filled with anger and thought that if the whole family was involved in breaking Karan, he would get arrested, however, he turns to Rakhi saying that she has given a really honest upbringing to her children. Rakhi, crying, admits that she made a mistake, but Karan stops her from saying anything further, with Prithvi furious that his plan failed because Karan was to be humiliated. The inspector orders the constable to bring Karan in the jeep.

Karan starts meeting the family to say his final goodbye, Srishti cannot live without hugging him after which he turns to Preeta and assures that he will be back and there is no need to worry, Rakhi also gives her. Hugs, he stops seeing Prithvi why did he come back but he leaves the house.

The whole family is sad that Karan got arrested once again, Preeta follows him when he says that she is happy that she came to talk with him, she mentions that she would be happy that Karan was arrested but She tells that it is not good that he was the one to call and arrest Karan, Prithvi questions why he always has to talk about Karan as he only wants to be with him and no one else. doesn't care for her, she mentions that she doesn't think she really deserves to be in this family and must not think that they are stupid because they aren't, she warns him not to think That she is really smart and therefore should stay away from her, she finds Sherlyn standing there and warns her before leaving, Sherlyn coming to Prithvi says that she thinks Preeta is the one in the court hearing. Big scene as her intentions don't look good, Prithvi assures her that there is nothing to worry as she has to prepare for her enemies. Need some time.

Preeta and Kritika stand at night when Rakhi is quickly leaving the house, Preeta questions where she is going, she replies that she has left Mahesh Ayan's medical box at her old house, ho She may have forgotten it because of the haste going back there, Preeta refuses her offer to go but Rakhi asks if she will go alone, Kritika offers to be with Preeta, Prithvi too Calls them from behind that car is ready, Preeta says they can go with driver but Kritika asks permission from Preeta to allow Prithvi, Sherlyn also asks Rakhi to accompany them.im but he leaves so he thinks he might still be angry with her.

Kundali Bhagya 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Lets See Whats  happend today 

 Kundali Bhagya 18 June 2021 Written Update Karan quits Pammi warns Mahira against showing interest in Sameer. Mahira angrily tells him that she is not interested in Sameer, she likes Karan. Pummy tells her not to be interested in Karan, who is married to Preeta. She tells that there will be no second marriage for Karan, she is not allowed. She warns Mahira not to keep an eye on the Luthra boys. Mahira calls him really mad. Pammi lost her cool. She asks him not to implicate Sameer or Karan. Bani is proud of Rakhi. She tells that Rakhi has taken the right decision to save Karan even though she is innocent in the case.

She tells that the police got to know about Karan's location, police will come anytime. She asks Rakhi to bring Karan to the Luthra house. Rakhi gets alert. She does not want to tell the truth to Mahesh and Karan, who are in favor of Karan surrendering to the police. She hides the truth from Karan. She tells Karan that Bani has just called, she is unwell and wants to see Karan as soon as possible. She asks Preeta to inform the whole family and collect them.

Rakhi brings the family back home. The family reunion takes place after a long time. Bani and Kareena get happy seeing the family home. Prithvi feels that he could not inform the police because of Kritika. He wants to go and inform the police that Karan is in the Luthra mansion. Karan hugs Bani and gets emotional. Prithvi follows Karan. He goes aside and calls the inspector. He tells that Karan has returned to his house. Inspector asks her to stop joking, Karan is not at his house.

Prithvi tells him that Karan is back in his mansion with his family, his entire family is involved in the crime. He tells that Srishti is completely involved. He also clears Sherlyn and Prithvi's name. The inspector warns him that he should be punished if the information is wrong. Prithvi tells that it will not be needed. Inspector took over. Girish gets nervous seeing the police outside the house. The family gets scared.

Mahesh tells them that their decision was wrong, Karan is a celebrity, knowing his mistake of breaking the jail, the media will ruin his name. Mahesh asks them to rectify their mistake. Pammi tells Mahesh to go to his room and not face the police. Preeta tells Srishti not to tell them anything. Srishti tells that they can hide Karan in a water tanker, police will not be able to find him there. Rakhi liked this idea. She says that she will hide Karan. She takes Preeta for help. Mahesh finds them doing wrong again. Rakhi goes to the police.

Mahira asks Preeta why she didn't let her meet Karan. She tells that the police will arrest Karan again. Rakhi does not find Karan in his room. She calls him. Mahira does not want Karan to leave. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he has told the police that Karan is in the Luthra mansion. He doesn't want anything wrong with Sherlyn. Prithvi tells that he has defeated Karan and Preeta again. Sherlyn tells that they always win, because they are the best. He tells that Karan will see her end today. He asks her to be ready to see the destruction of Karan. He is very excited.


 Inspector questions Preeta about Karan. Rakhi tells the inspector not to question Preeta and find Karan himself. Inspector asks Rakhi not to cheat with the police. He finds the whole family silent. He tells that when they are speechless, he will find Karan himself. He asks his team to search the entire house. He wants to start with Karan's room. Rakhi knows that Karan is not there. She asks the inspector to come with her and find Karan himself. She asks Preeta to accompany her.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he is going after Rakhi. He asks Sherlyn to keep an eye around, and inform him if she sees Karan anywhere. He wants to get Karan arrested at any cost. Earth departs. Srishti apologizes to Mahesh. She tells that it is her worst idea to kidnap Karan. Bani tells that Srishti has done the right thing. Kareena is also happy that Karan is with her in the family. He doesn't care about anything else. Mahira also supports the family, but not Srishti's view, saying that Karan is now at more risk.

Pummy stops Mahira. Prithvi asks the constable to find Karan and not spare him. He gives a hint about Karan to the police. Kritika gets upset seeing the police. Prithvi tells him that someone has already informed the police about Karan. Before the Luthras take up the protective act, he wants to find Karan and arrest him. Karan comes in front of the police. Inspector tells that he was looking for Karan.

Karan surrenders in front of the police. He leaves with the police without any objection. The whole family gets upset seeing Karan leaving. Some of them shed tears, some get really happy. Prithvi pretends to be worried for Karan. Preeta notices his behavior. She later criticizes him. Prithvi tells Preeta that he liked the way Karan cooperated with the police and left. Preeta confronts the police for tipping and calling Karan home to arrest him. Prithvi denies this. Preeta reprimands Prithvi and says that as long as he is not with the Luthras he cannot do any harm to the family. Comment your opinion on the show. read on.